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Products - Bistar 10WP

Not all pyrethroids are created equal:

The active ingredient in Bistar is bifenthrin, which looks and feel different


WHOPES Review of Bistar 10WP

“The study showed bifenthrin to be less irritating than permethrin and deltamethrin, even with Cx. Quinquesfasciatus, which is more susceptible to be irritant effect of pyrethroids and has reduced knock down. Bifenthrin consistently provided a high kill by allowing mosquitoes to rest on treated surface for longer periods”
Source: WHO/CDS/WHOPES.2001.4
(other tested pyrethroids include deltamethrin, alpha-cypermethrin, lambda-cypermethrin, cyfluthrin and etofenprox)

“When ranked in comparison with the other tested pyrethroids based on mortality and blood dfeeding inhibition in tunnel tests at reduced dosage using both Anopheles and Culex, Bifenthrin performed best in experiments on suspectible strains as well as on resistant strains”
(other tested pyrethroids include deltamethrin, alpha-cypermethrin, lambda-cypermethrin, cyfluthrin and etofenprox)

“Whith suspectible Culex all insecticides performed very well, including at reduced dosage. Against resistant Culex, bifenthrin was very effective,far more than the other tested pyrethroids”
Source: WHO/CDS/WHOPES.2001.4
(other tested pyrethroids include deltamethrin, alpha-cypermethrin, lambda-cypermethrin, cyfluthrin and etofenprox)

“Following indoor residual application, acceptability of bifenthrin by residents and spray men was good”

Bistar 10Wp is based on the active ingredient bifenthrin; advanced pyrethroid from the global leader in pyrethroid technology, FMC Corporation. Bistar 10WP has been tested extensively through the World Heath Pesticide Scheme (WHOPES).In addition to extensive laboratory and small scale field testing, large scale field trials have been completed in Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia and India

Principal advantages demonstrated by worldwide testing:

  • Bistar’s active ingredient, bifenthrin, has a unique molecular structure that creates unique advantages:
    • Less skin sensitization to humans
    • Less irritating to monsquitoes, allowing for a higher mass control effect
  • Bistar 10WP has an effective residual lfe up to 6 months against malaria vector mosquitoes at low rates (20 -50 mg ai/m2); requiring fewer annual treatments.
  • Bistar 10WP has superior impact on vectorial capacity of mosquito population, which leads to the reduction of malaria transmission
  • In addition to controlling Anopheles and Aeded spp, bifenthrin has superior activity against Culex spp

Efficacy Profile

  • Unique Activity: Laboratory analysis demonstrated bifenthrin's unique characterstics of less repellency. Mosquitoes remain on treated surfaces up to 4 times longer than conventional products. This less-repellent aspect of bifenthrin allows the mosquito more time to pick up a lethal dose of insecticide which provides a higher mass control on the mosquito population.

  • Longer Residual Activity: Bistar has shown in large scale field tests to have a sufficient residual activity to control Anopheles supp. For up to 6 months

  • Significant Impact on malaria transmission: Bistar has been shown to impact the vectorial capacity of mosquito populations resulting in a significant reduction of indigenous malaria cases

  • Superior Culex spp activity:Laboratory analysis comparing bifenthrin to all other conventional products found that bifenthrin was the best performing insecticide against Cules spp

    Conclusion: Bifenthrin can be considered as the best performing insecticide on resistant Culex p.quinquefasciiatus, particularly when blood feeding reduction is concerned Note: Trial included: Bifenthrin,deltamethrin, permethrin, cyfluthrin, lambdacyhalothrin, alpha cypermethrin and etofenprox

Worldwide Field Trials:

Bistar provides outstanding results with regards to efficacy and residual control in all large scale field trials.
MEXICO Large scale Phase III Malaria Vector Trial

Malaria Vectors: Anopheles pseudopunctipennis, Anopheles albimanus
Competitive Standard: Deltamethrin

Summary of Results:

  • Bistar provided high residuality for more than 5 months
  • Bistar hasa low repellent effect
  • Parous rates were significantly rrreduced with Istar, indicating a reduced risk of malaria transmission
  • Bistar received high acceptance among residents and spraymen

Thailand Large Scale Phase III Malaria Vector Trial

Malaria Vectors: Anopheles minimus, Anopheles dirus

Competitive standard: Deltamenthrin

Summary of Results:

  • Bistar provided 6 months of residual control
  • Significant reduction in indigenous malaria cases only in the Bistar sprayed areas

Mexico Debgue Vector Trial

Trial Type: Alternative control concept-Rapid spray of high risk houses

Dengue Vectors: Aeded aegypti

Competitive standard: Deltamethrin

Summary of Results:

  • Bistar at 20 mg ai/m2 gave > 75% control for 23 weeks on all surfaces
  • Bistar ws judged to have the better overall performance

India Large Scale Phase III Malaria Vector Trial

Malaria vectors: Anopheles culicifacaies

Competitive Standard: Malathion

Summary of Basics

  • Bistar 10 WP srayed mg ai/m2 was very effective in reducing vectorial potential
  • Low excite-repellent action of Bifenthrin caused a mass killing effect of indoor resting population of vector mosquitoes
  • The householders did not report any adverse reaction and preferred the spraying with this new product

Dosage: Bistar 10WP is recommended at 25 mg a.i/sq.m.125g of Bistar 10WP is to be mixed in 10 literes of water and sprayed uniformly over 500 sq.m.area


The product is available in 10KG and 20kg drum

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