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Products - Extenders

Extenders for U.F./M.U.F./U.M.F. Resins(Commercial Grade)

(1) Additive-9963:                                                                                       

(2) Additive-9963 Special:                                                                          

(3) Additive-9963 ULTRA:                                                                    

Extenders for P.F. Resins(Water Proof Grade)

(1) Additive-D:                                                                            

(2) Additive-D Super:                                                                          

(3) Additive-D ULTRA (for Conventional/Single Stage P.F. to reduce penetration):

Extenders for P.F. Resins(Pre-Pressing)

1) Additive-C Special:                                                                           


Extenders for U.F. Resins (Pre-Pressing & Hot Press Time Reduction)

(1) Additive-MB
(2) Additive-MB Special

Extender for U.F./M.U.F./U.M.F./M.F.Resins (for overlaying Decorative Veneers on Wood Based Panel Products)

1) Additive-XS:                                                                         


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